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Photo of Village Hall in Orland Park Illinois by Main Street General Contractors IncWith an average snowfall of over 31 inches per year, and lows that can hit single digits, life as a roof in Orland Park can be especially difficult.

That’s why Main Street GC Inc, a reputable contractor with years of experience handling the harsh Cook County climate, is standing by to help with any roofing needs you may have.

Need help? We offer these services:

  • Roof inspections – The National Roofing Contractors Association (link) recommends annual roof inspections in the spring and fall to protect against signs of wear and tear that can develop into bigger problems if left unchecked.
  • Roof repairs – If you notice leaks, water spots or missing shingles, please give us a call. It’s important to resolve minor issues before they have a chance to develop into bigger problems (black mold, rotting wood).
  • Roof replacements – A new roof can add value to your home and give you peace of mind for years to come.
  • Hail/storm damage repair – Storm damage happens. So in the unlucky event that your roof is damaged, we can help navigate claims with insurance to get your home back to it’s former glory as quickly as possible.


“Main Street installed a new roof on my home in May 1, 2018. I was home at the time and observed the installation from start to finish. The installation was done quickly and very professionally. We are more than 100% satisfied with the new roof and the ease of working with Scott, the owner of the company. I have HIGHLY recommended Main Street General Contractors to my neighbors, and would do so to anyone who needs a new roof.” – George and Debra L. (Local resident)


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What does roofing cost in Orland Park?

Note: the final costs of roofing services depends on a number of factors, so these figures are just meant to serve as a guideline.

For Inspections: On average, you can expect to pay up to $1,000 to get your roof inspected in Orland Park. The average cost, based on nationwide data, is $979. However many companies, including Main Street GC Inc, offer free roof inspections.

For Repairs: After performing a roof inspection, the next step is to get fixable repairs done. Although the extent of the damage, type of roof and roofing material are major factors when it comes to determining the cost of repairs, you can expect to pay anywhere between $250 to $4,000 to get your roof repaired.

For Replacements: Sometimes the damage to the roof can be too extensive to repair or the roof can be too old that a replacement is the only alternative. The average cost of getting your Orland Park roof replaced is between $5,000 & $10,000. Of course, the type of roof and material being installed is a factor when it comes to determining the cost of replacement.


Should you inspect, repair, or replace your Orland Park roof?

The short answer is yes – to all of them. One of the major problems that homeowners have to deal with is water damage, and one of the biggest causes of water damage is a leaky roof. Besides that, a properly maintained or new roof makes the house look aesthetically pleasing (which helps when it is time to sell the property) compared to a roof that has shingles sticking out or holes and punctures. That is why it is important to inspect your Orland Park roof to determine if you need repairs or a replacement.

If you notice even the smallest problem, be proactive and look into it immediately. That way, you remain a stress-free property owner who doesn’t have to wait to repair or replace their roof until they absolutely must deal with the issue. If you ignore even the smallest problem, it can become a big disaster over time. Being proactive not only saves you headaches, it also prolongs the usefulness of your roof and saves you money in the long run.


“Main Street General Contractors was an absolute delight to work with. They came to the house to replace the roof and siding. Showed up on time and kept the yard and house neat. The guys were all very willing to discuss any questions that I might have had and were all very courteous. The work was completed on time and they did an outstanding job. We are extremely happy with the workmanship. I will recommend Main Street to everyone I can.” – Christopher B. (Chicago Area homeowner)


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Are general repairs or replacements covered by insurance?

Note: Your insurance policy may differ so please keep that in mind. It’s best to contact your insurance company directly to find out if your repair or replacement is covered.

As a homeowner, it is wise to take homeowners insurance coverage to protect your house from unforeseen circumstances. Homeowners insurance is not a must, like vehicle insurance, but it is essential nonetheless since you never know when disaster will strike. Standard policies for homeowners only include coverage for essential things, meaning that the insurance company will only pay for your roofing costs if they have come about due to an insured disaster.

For example, if the roof was damaged by a fire, hurricane or other disaster included in the policy, you are covered. However, if the repairs and replacements are due to normal wear and tear, the standard policy will not cover that and you will have to pay damage out of pocket. That is why it is vital to perform regular roof maintenance to avoid expensive repairs and replacements down the line.


“They helped me with all paper work telephone calls appointment with insurance company I was very happy with their work and the way they handled I give fiver star rating.”Govind Patel (Chicagoland)


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What’s next?

Step 1: Decide if you’d like an inspection, repair or replacement.

Step 2: Visit our contact page or call 800-510-1028.

Step 3: Speak with a friendly staff member to schedule your job.

Step 4: Get your damages fixed or your new roof installed, & enjoy the peace of worry free protection!


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